Archive: 2002 Racing Season

Jacob Crowell began racing Junior Kage Karts at the age of five in the Rookie Division. Matthew Crowell is nine and races Junior Kage Kart Division. They race at several tracks near Wichita including Worden Park Raceway in Wellington, Park City Raceway, and at the Kansas Coliseum.

This is the start of CBR (Crowell Bros. Racing) and the first full racing season. The team learns about race setup and how to drive on different tracks with different conditions. The boys start out hitting just about everything, including Dad in an off-track exit that will never be forgotten. At the age of five, Jacob struggled to remember which pedal was the brake and which was the gas. A roll bar was quickly labeled with green and red tie straps to assist his memory.

In this season, we achieved our goal of not getting lapped and of finishing races.

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