The Drivers

Matthew Crowell, oldest brother of the
Crowell Bros. Racing team.

Matthew is a graduate of Goddard High School and Wichita State University. He is currently employed at Cessna. In 2019, Matthew married his best friend and the one true love of his life, Candace. In 2020, Matthew and Candace became parents to a beautiful daughter, Atley Ann. Also in 2020, Matthew completed his pilot's license.

Jacob Crowell, youngest brother of the Crowell Bros. Racing team.

Jacob is a graduate of Goddard High School and Kansas State University. He is currently employed at Kirkham Michael. Jacob is dating his true love, Macee, and we are all waiting on the big announcement when they decide to take the next step (and then I will add her pic here).

Blast from the Past

It wasn't just about racing when the boys were growing up.

Matthew played the violin in the school orchestra from 5th through 9th grade. He played the guitar in the jazz band during grade 7-9. He was peer mediator in 7th and 8th grade. In high school, he was an ambassador, member of Campus Life and National Honor Society. Matthew tried various sports including cross country, track, football and baseball. He was in cub scouts and boy scouts. He enjoyed golf, hunting, snow skiing, 4-wheelers and tennis. In 2008, Matthew took his first IMCA title as the Northern Region Rookie of the Year! In 2009, Matthew was 10th in the Nation, 8th in the region and 2nd in the state for the second year in a row. In 2010, Matthew advanced to the IMCA Northern SportMod division and finished 10th in the Nation in Rookie points and was 1st in the State of Kansas.

Jacob was a straight A student at Goddard High School. He played percussion instruments in the school band which included the drums. Jacob participated in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts before deciding to try other activities. Jacob wrestled on the Goddard Wrestling Team, played football, and was on the tennis team for the Goddard Lions in grade school. Jacob also enjoyed golf with Grandpa, hunting and 4-wheelers. Jacob has won numerous races over the years and has supported his brother in the pit crew as Matthew pursued several Rookie titles. Jacob advanced to racing the IMCA Hobby Stock in 2011 and took 2nd in National Rookie points and the HRP Track Chamionship. In 2012, he took the track championship at Thunderhill Speedway. In 2014, Jacob advanced to the Northern SportMod division, but due to moving away for college, his racing career had to be put on hold.

Why they race?

In December of 2006, here was their reply when asked this question:
Matthew's reply: "Racing is intense and exciting. I like to drive at such a young age, meet new friends, learn about engines, win the big trophies, and earn money when I finish well."
Jacob's reply: "I like the money too and because I get to drive. It is fun. Racing is more challenging than any other sport I have done."

On April 5, 2008, Matthew ran his first race in IMCA Hobby Stocks at Minneapolis Raceway. He was interviewed before the race started and the interview aired on the radio. The interview was a lot of fun and lasted over three minutes. One of the questions asked was, "How far in racing did Matthew plan to go?" Without hesitation, Matthew replied, "As far as the checkbook will take us!" He caught his Mom off guard with that one and made us laugh. He delivered a great interview explaining how he got started and moved up the divisions of the sport. When asked about his favorite driver, he explained how his room was red for JR and he would be adding some green and blue soon. He also is a fan of Clint Bowyer.

As we prepare for the next season, their Mom reflects on the question of why we race. It is all about family. As a family, we work hard together to prepare for the races, to travel to races, and to compete at the races. Racing has taught Matthew and Jacob so many skills that will serve them their entire life. Plus, every memory I have is worth more than any materialistic item I own.

Cards from 2009. Click on a card to open in a new window and view.
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Matthew's 2009 IMCA Hobby Stock
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Matthew's 2009 IMCA Hobby Stock
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Jacob's 2009 Youth Hornet.
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Jacob's 2009 Youth Hornet.
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