The Crew

Dad is the pit crew. When we were karting, he built the karts from scratch doing all of the tooling work himself. He built a jig and went on to build the karts. On the hornet, he built the roll kage. He does all the body work. He is the head mechanic. Building two race cars take a lot of dedication and hard work. The boys' learn a lot working beside their Dad. And, he was the crew chief! I say was, because the boys now know more than he does.

The Hobby Stock was challenging and a new learning curve for Dad. He definitely taught the boys about hard work, long hours, and perseverance as he built this new race car. The boys have learned a great deal and can definitely help out on all the engine work and body work.

The SportMod presented yet another new challenge and steeper learning curve due to the amount of adjustments that could be made. The team never stops learning. Richard Wilson built the first car for CBR and Randy Wilson did the sheet metal work and the engine work. Dad and the boys had to do the assembly. Mom took on the new challenge and did all the vinyl graphics on the car. In the pits, Randy and Uncle Rich are our extended crew as we couldn't jump to this next level without them.

2015 marks the year for the build of the first Homemade Chassis. In the years following, the boys continue to work beside their Dad to improve the car. Other than the shocks, I don't think there is anything they can't build or repair.

Mom is the team owner. While she jumps in to lend a hand when she can, she mainly views her job as keeping the team fed, taking pictures, updating the web site, making the stickers and funding the operation!

2020 marks the next new challenge as the boys opt to move to USRA and run B-Mods. While the car looks just like a SportMod on the outside, there are a number of changes made and yet another challenging year and big learning curve. Matthew leads these efforts as this is Jacob's first year returning to racing after a long break due to being away at University.

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The Crew Pictured in 2007
The Crew Pictured in 2008 at the IMCA National Banquet

2009 The Entire Crew
2016 Win at Topeka
2017 Win at Salina
2018 Win at Salina




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