Archive: 2005 Racing Season

Things got even more interesting in 2005. Notice how close the standings are this year.

Park City Raceway Points Champion, JR Kage Kart Division - Matthew Crowell

Park City Raceway 2nd Place in Points, JR Kage Kart Division - Jacob Crowell

Worden Park Raceway, 1st place in WKA Point Series - Matthew Crowell

Worden Park Raceway, 2nd place in WKA Point Series - Jacob Crowell

Kansas Coliseum, Pre-Turkey Classic Champion and Turkey Classic Champion (one race of the two), JR Kage Kart Divison - Matthew Crowell

Kansas Coliseum, Turkey Classic Champion, JR Kage Kart Divison - Jacob Crowell

Junior Kage Kart 2005 Season Race Results:
April 23: Matthew 1st; Jacob 4th
May 21: Matthew 1st; Jacob 2nd
June 4: Matthew 1st; Jacob 2nd
June 18: Jacob 2nd; Matthew 3rd
July 11: Jacob 1st; Matthew 4th
August 20: Matthew 1st; Jacob 2nd
September 10: Jacob 1st; Matthew 2nd
September 17: Jacob 1st; Matthew 4th
September 24: Jacob 1st; Matthew 2nd

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