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October 28, 2006: Going in to the final points race of the Wheatland Karting Association 2006 Point Series, the two brothers were tied for first place with second place only 5 points behind them. They run two heat races which determine the line-up for the feature race. In the first heat race, two karts lost control and hit Matthew taking him out of the race. Jacob came off the track and had no brakes. Their pit crew is made up of their Dad who went to work immediately. By the feature, the three points' leaders were literally bumper to bumper the entire race with Jacob finishing second and Matthew third in the points. They raced a clean feature race with no cautions. While it wasn't the finish they hoped for, they were proud of the season and finishing on top of the points series. And, unlike other sports where at the end, competitors part ways, the boys are actually close friends with some of their toughest competitors. Between races, the boys will play and hang out together. But, on the track, they race each other to win. It is a unique blend of sportsmanship.

Worden Park Raceway, 2nd place in WKA Point Series - Jacob Crowell

Worden Park Raceway, 3rd place in WKA Point Series - Matthew Crowell

Turkey Classic Champion, 1st place in all three races - Matthew Crowell
2nd place - Jacob Crowell

This is also the year of the Hornet! Matthew started in mid-race season running a limited schedule at 81 Speedway in Park City, Kansas. His years of kage kart driving paid off as he quickly learned how to get around the track scoring some impressive finishes given the limited track time.

August 24: Deput. Matthew finishes the races with car in one piece and without getting lapped! Finishes 4th place.

August 31: 4th place Hornet finish.

September 2: Three wide in Turn 4 and the first racing stripes laid down on the side! Best finish yet with 2nd place!

September 7: First blown engine. 5th place.

October 29: 2nd place finish in heats. He led most of the race, but when he heard a noise in the engine, he backed off to save his car for the feature. Very smart move on his part. Unfortunately, the features were cancelled this day.

Junior Kage Kart 2006 Season Race Results:
April 22: Matthew 2nd; Jacob 3rd
May 20: Matthew 1st; Jacob 2nd
June 10: Matthew 2nd; Jacob 4th
June 24: Matthew 1st; Jacob 5th
July 8: Jacob 3rd; Matthew 7th
July 15: Jacob 1st; Matthew 3rd
August 5: Jacob 1st; Matthew 7th
September 9: Matthew 2nd; Jacob 6th
September 23: Matthew 1st; Jacob 3rd
October 7: Jacob 3rd; Matthew 4th

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